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Who we are

Julian Jewel

Julian is one of the country’s foremost experts in software design, process, and construction. He regularly speaks at major technical conferences. Not only is Julian an expert architect and programmer, he excels at passing his knowledge on to others as both a consultant and educator.

Having worked as a CTO, Julian is also in a unique position to assess and improve both your software and your software-development process. If you’re a nontechnical CEO, he can help you bootstrap your startup or analyze (and help you improve) your existing software organization. He regularly does one-on-one CEO and CTO-coaching sessions, and can train individual teams and entire departments on Object-Oriented design/UML, Agile process, and languages.

Asha Amritraj

Asha Amritraj is the Vice President – Independent Validation & Testing Services of Synaptecx Corporation.  Asha has more than six years of experience in the Software Quality Assurance realm of the IT industry. She has extensive background in test leadership and management, accented by her specialization in health care and biotechnology practice areas.

Prior to being the Vice President, she headed the “Drug Discovery” division of Synaptecx Corporation. She specialized in “Modulation of the efficacy of synapses in Neural Networks” which involved complex programming structures and use of software tools like Neuroph and PMML.

Asha is an expert in Software Quality Assurance practices and processes. She strongly believes in compliance and regulation to achieve a business benefit for her clients. She is an expert in CMMI, Six Sigma and Rational Unified Process.

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