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Independent Testing & Validation

As one of our specialities, we can provide IV&V support during a System's Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We believe that IV&V helps the customer gain the most return on investment (ROI) that is possible on software development programs. The primary reason for this is that IV&V remains independent of the organization to provide an unbiased review of processes and products.

At SYNAPTECX, IV&V services are provided on each SDLC phase such as: requirements, design, build (coding), testing, integration, and maintenance. Verification determines if the system meets all of its allocated requirements. Validation determines if the system achieves the specified functional and performance levels in a reliable and efficient manner.

SYNAPTECX performs analyses on the effects of new systems and concepts on existing systems, enabling our customers to make informed decisions. Implementing IV&V early in the software development life cycle, will detect defects earlier, and thus cost less to correct. Our IV&V processes will help the customer deliver the system or product on schedule and within budget.


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